Skateboard Cafe Skateboards

Skateboard Cafe Skateboards is a Bristol based brand producing skateboards and softgoods. The brand is notable for it’s tight art direction taking influence from 50’s and 60’s American diners, greasy spoons and cafe culture worldwide.

Skateboard Cafe Skateboards Team

The current team includes Skate Pharmacy team rider Shaun Currie alongside Korahn Gayle, Mike Arnold, Josh Arnott and Harry Ogilvie. In addition, they also recently released a guest pro board for Bristol legend Danny Wainwright. Danny joked on his instagram that it seems like maybe the last deck to bare his name.

Finally, Skateboard Cafe Skateboards released their first full length DVD titled ‘Alfresco’ featuring the full team, with Shaun Currie taking the opening section honours.

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