Skate Pharmacy Bolts 1.0″ Product Test

Skate Pharmacy Bolts 1.0″ Product Test

Next up for our product reviews is the Skate Pharmacy 1.0″ Bolts

The Skate Pharmacy bolts have an added side effect of increasing your freestyle rapping skills.

Before I got Skate Pharmacy bolts, I had so many skateboard faults. I couldn’t do an Ollie, I couldn’t even nollie, none of bitches even felt sorry. But then the bolts changed my game, all of a sudden the bitches knew about that light skin kid named Kane. My pop I couldn’t tame and my tricks weren’t the same. I started busting tricks easy, doing kickflips steezy and hoes started asking “Kane please me, tease me and squeeze me” So now I got Skate Pharmacy bolts I won’t say this lightly, but it’s likely that I’m your gals new favourite lighty. Meaning she now likes me, wants to be my wifey and they might as well call me a penguin coz these Skate Pharmacy bolts have made me so icy.” – Kane

So if you wanna land bolts, rock the mic and get bitches buy Skate Pharmacy Bolts now.

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